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How To Prevent Your Galaxy S7 From Automatically Connecting To Untrusted Wi-Fi Networks

We’ve all been walking down the street flicking from webpage-to-webpage when all of a sudden they stop loading. The cause? Our smartphone has automatically connected to a Wi-Fi network that’s requesting our mobile number so that we can enjoy a 30-minute free browsing session. Pretty annoying, huh? Yeah, we think so, too. Fortunately, Samsung has […]

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How To Turn Off App Permissions On The Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge

It’s a well-known fact that application developers like to request access to just about any permission they can get away with. I often find this slightly suspicious, especially when I’m installing a third-party alarm clock that’s wanting to monitor my incoming calls, calendar entries and current location. Thankfully, Samsung has made it extremely easy to […]

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How To Take A Screenshot On the Samsung Z1 And Samsung Z3

The Samsung Z1 and Z3 are two smartphones from the company to be powered by Tizen, its own mobile operating system. All of Samsung’s Android smartphone can take screenshots, and considering Tizen takes many cues from the company’s Android interface, you can take screenshots on the Z1 and Z3, too. Well, it’s a basic feature that […]

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