You’ll be able to send longer Twitter Direct Messages starting next month

If you use Twitter, you’re more than likely aware of the 140 character limit that the service places on tweets and Direct Messages. Starting next month, though, one of those things will have a much larger limit.

Starting in July, Twitter will raise the character limit on Direct Messages from 140 to 10,000. And before you get any ideas about a character limit increase for regular tweets, don’t, because Twitter says that regular tweets will continue to have the same 140 character limit that’s in place today.

This DM character limit increase is big news for Twitter, because it means that you’ll no longer need to shift to email or send multiple DMs if you’ve got a larger message to send to someone. And because Twitter is alerting developers today and giving them early access to the APIs that they need to support larger DMs, your Twitter app of choice ought to support the feature at launch or shortly thereafter.

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