You can now pre-register for an app on Google Play and be notified when it’s released

Google Play has a new feature that’ll make sure you’re made aware of a new app’s release the second that it arrives on the store’s digital shelves.

Pre-registration for apps is now live on Google Play, and the first app to feature it is Terminator Genisys: Revolution. When you pre-register, you’ll get a notification on your devices when the app actually launches. If you change your mind and decide that you no longer want to be alerted upon the app’s release, you can unregister as well.


Usually when an app maker reveals or launches a new app, they make announcements just like Glu Mobile and Terminator did for Terminator Genisys: Revolution. What makes Google Play’s pre-registration feature notable is that it allows developers to gauge early interest in their apps and then have a user be directly notified of an app’s release without any added effort from the dev. Because of this added benefit, we’re betting that we’ll see pre-registration become a popular feature for Android devs in the future.

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