With update, Google Maps can warn you if your destination will be closed when you arrive

It’s always exciting when Google pushes updates to its apps that include new features, and right now it’s Maps that’s on the receiving end of some new feature-y goodness.

The latest version of Google Maps will tell you if the place that you’re navigating to will be closed by the time that you arrive. This feature could come in handy if you’re planning on heading to an unfamiliar store or restaurant, or even if you’re thinking about going somewhere across town but you’re unsure if you’ll be able to make it before closing time. When Google alerts you that a place may be closed when you arrive, you’re given options of starting the navigation anyway or canceling it.


Additionally, this Google Maps update can show your car rental info when you search “my events” in the app. This info is pulled from your Gmail.

Overall this is a smallish update for Google Maps, but the new features that it does include are pretty noteworthy, so you should probably grab it soon. The update was waiting for me when I checked Google Play on my phone, so grab your device and get to updating!

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