Win a Huawei TalkBand B2 from Android and Me and Huawei

Huawei got our attention with the TalkBand B1 last year, and 2015 is off to a blistering start for them with the Huawei Watch, the P8 and P8 Max, and the TalkBand B2.

The TalkBand B2 retains the same concept of the original, being a fitness band that can serve double duty as a wireless headset, but it shows a much more refined design along with a number of updated features. We haven’t even gotten our hands on one yet, but you could be among the first in the US to sport the TalkBand B2 ahead of the official release and review it for yourself by entering our contest today.

We have a few different ways to enter, including simply commenting on this post, so whether you are into social media or not you still have a shot. We are giving away a total of five TalkBand B2s, so you have to like those odds.

If you want to stack the deck even further in your favor, you can head over to the new Huawei Community site where they will be giving away some additional TalkBand B2s. If you are interested in Huawei’s latest and greatest, that site has some great insights and discussion going on.

This contest is open to US residents only (sorry international readers!) and we’ll be keeping it open until midnight Central time on April 30th, so you have a little less than two days to get those entries in. Good luck!

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