Wi-Fi-only mode in Google Maps is now in testing

Google Maps can consume quite a bit of data, so for anyone out there that’s keeping an eye on their monthly allotment, Google’s working on a new feature within the app to help out.

It’s a Wi-Fi-only mode, and it works exactly like it sounds. Once enabled, there will be a “WI-FI ONLY” notice that appears at the top of the screen. Users will then be able to only update their map when they’re connected to Wi-Fi. What’s more, saved maps for offline viewing will work, too. It’s worth noting that Google does warn that even with the new mode activated, it’s possible that Google Maps will still use a “small amount” of data.

As it stands right now, Wi-Fi-only mode is only available for a select few as Google tests it out, but the company did say a wider rollout is possible in the future.

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