What is Pokémon Go Plus And What is its Price?

bfd476fe-b8de-4f78-bb05-89d5b478130aAlthough you can now download ‘Pokemon Go’ on Android and iPhone, the company will also be launching the ‘wearable’ Pokémon Go Plus in the coming weeks to provide more freedom in the game.

Pokémon is back!

With the arrival of Pokémon Go, the video game for iOS and Android, the interest of this franchise has grown leading to, for example, the app became the number one in generating income in the Apple App Store and the actions of Nintendo have increased by 10 percent.

With this success, we have also heard many Pokémon Go Plus and although many might assume that it is a new extended version of the video, the reality is that it is an accessory (optional) for the newly released game.

Pokémon Go Plus is a wearableque is placed on the wrist and syncs via Bluetooth with your phone. The device integrates LED lights and engine vibration alert you if pokémon and pokéstop are close to you so you do not have to be always looking at the phone screen to move forward in the game.

Also, Pokémon Go Plus also integrates a button that lets you capture the pokémons, without using the touch screen of your phone. In addition, the wearable also has other functions, including collecting eggs Pokeballs and pokémon in pokéstops without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Although Pokémon Go Plus is primarily used as a bracelet, the device can also be detached from the band to be placed in the clothes you wear.

Pokémon Go Plus will be available in July through Amazon and GameStop for US $ 34.99. According to GameStop, the device will launch on July 31.

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