Watch the Google I/O Keynote livestream with us tomorrow at 9:30 AM PDT

In less than 24 hours, the 2015 Google I/O Keynote will be underway. While the conference is geared towards developers, there’s always a lot of consumer news that’s packed into a two and a half hour keynote. The biggest news will most likely be a sneak peek at Android M, which is expected to feature improved privacy controls, a native fingerprint scanner security API that can be used with third-party apps and additional performance improvements that will allow Android devices to operate more smoothly while consuming less power.

Google is also expected to introduce its new Google Photos service (a decoupling of Photos from Google+), an update to Chromecast and the Google Cast platform, new details and partnerships for Android Pay and much more.

Feel free to join us here on Thursday at  9:30 AM PST to soak in all the new Google news. What new product, service or feature are you hoping Google will unveil this year at I/O?

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