Walmart goes all-in with its own mobile payment option, Walmart Pay

Mobile payments are all the rage these days, as just about any company that could even conceive of launching its own option seems to be doing just that. There’s a theme in the naming scheme, too.

The latest company to get in on the fun is Walmart, which just announced its own mobile payment option for those who want to use their phone to check out the gigantic chain mega-retailer. It’s called, you (probably) guessed it, Walmart Pay, and Walmart’s plan is to have it available nationwide by the middle of 2016.

Walmart Pay is available both for Android and iOS, and it’s embedded within the Walmart app that’s been available on both mobile platforms for quite some time. It’s a new option within the app, and upon selecting it, you be prompted to add your credit or debit card or even a pre-paid or Walmart gift card. You’ll then have the option to use your phone to pay at checkout.

To use Walmart Pay, you’ll scan a barcode that’s displayed on your phone’s screen within the app, and an electronic receipt will be presented within the app after the purchase is complete.

Walmart Pay is just another “Pay” option in an increasing list of options out there now, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and whoever else out there plans on releasing an alternative, too. (LG Pay!) Let’s hope some companies in the future start using more interesting titles.

How often do you use your phone to pay for things?

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