Viewing ‘Star Wars’ in cinemas and television

Whether you want to remember the first six films in the series and prepare for the special features of ‘The Force Awakens’, this is the guide for you.

The Force is about to wake up and you should not fall asleep; It is now a good time to start making your preparations to catch up with the first six films in the series and prepare for the seventh installment of Star Wars.

For several weeks you can buy tickets to see the film in the cinema in the United States. Chains like AMC, Cinemark and UA already have tickets available for three types of presentations: Imax, 3D and Standard. Despite all the promotion of the film says this Friday, December 18, opens in US the tape can be seen from 7 pm local time Thursday, December 17, in many theaters of the country.

One of the easiest ways to buy your tickets from and is using the app or the website of Fandango, which even has a special page devoted to The Force Awakens. Fandango you can choose your room, time, type of function and even your places (if the movie offers this service). But beware, Fandango charges you a commission for each ticket.

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