Viber comes to Android, or how to call and send messages without paying a cent


A few months ago we saw how Viber announced it was working on bringing its namesake application for Android phones and instant messaging. The wait has been long in principle was going out in March, but today is now available in the Android Market completely free.

Viber , for those who do not know, is an application that allows us to make VoIP calls and send messages at no cost to other users using this protocol. Being a multiplatform service, Viber is also on iOS, the net effect has made ​​applications like Whatsapp have the success we have today is enhanced.

The operation of the application is really simple and the call quality is quite good so if you seek an alternative to services like WhatsApp or Skype do not hesitate to take a chance on Viber. Thanks to all who have warned us through Twitter and email.



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