Verizon will reportedly carry both new Nexus smartphones

At some point in the (near) future, Google will announce new Nexus-branded smartphones. Rumor has it that they’ll both be manufactured by HTC, and be powerhouse handsets in a market full of powerhouse handsets.

There’s plenty of excitement surrounding the new Nexus smartphones on the way, and it turns out Verizon Wireless customers might have something to look forward to as well. According to Evan Blass (@evleaks), Verizon will be selling both new Nexus smartphones, but apparently there’s a catch. Bless says Verizon will carry two “Nexus” handsets, making a point to call out the quotation marks around the Nexus brand name.

There isn’t any additional information paired with the tweet, so what those quotes mean for Nexus phones remains to be seen. The easy guess would be that Verizon is going to use its branding on the phones and perhaps even put some of its Android apps on them, too. The fear for some is that Verizon will get in the way of the update process, too.

Still, this is potentially exciting news for Verizon customers who are ready to upgrade later this year.

Do you plan on picking up the new Nexus smartphones?

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