Verizon to pre-load Lyft on select Android devices

We’re all familiar with bloatware, and most of us hate it. Carriers and even some smartphone manufacturers love loading a bunch of apps we’ll never use onto devices to make some money from the partnerships. These apps are often not removable and run in the background, eating precious resources like RAM. And soon, select Verizon Android devices are going to get another app pre-installed.

Luckily, it’s not so bad. Verizon and Lyft have partnered to have the Lyft app installed on some Android devices out of the box. This means you can call a Lyft car as soon as you activate the phone, providing you with a convenient ride home from the Verizon store (I guess?). It’s not exactly a useless app, though no bloat is better than some bloat for those of us who would rather decide what apps are on our devices.

On top of that, Verizon will debut a new discount program for Lyft drivers starting May 11th. The discount will be for the Lyft Accelerate Premier Driver Rewards program, and will be available to both new and existing Verizon customers. So at least there is some good news to this.

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