Verizon to force new plan on unlimited data users that surpass 100GB per month

Recently it was reported that Verizon Wireless wants to give an ultimatum to the folks who are still attached to their unlimited data plan and using “extraordinary” amounts of data per month. Now we have an idea of what an “extraordinary” amount of data is.

Verizon has confirmed to Ars Technica that it’s focusing on a “small group” of subscribers that use 100GB or more of data per month. Those customers will be given until August 31 to switch to a new, tiered Verizon Plan.

Verizon states that it has a 100GB data plan, but that it’s meant to be spread out among multiple lines and not used by just a single line. The company says they are contacting subscribers that are using more than 100GB per month on their unlimited data plan.

Big Red didn’t confirm what would happen if those subscribers don’t switch to a Verizon Plan by August 31. Earlier reports suggested that Verizon would simply cut them off altogether but give them an option to reactivate the line on a new Verizon Plan within 50 days.

How much data do you use?

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