Verizon launches new rate plans with more data, Safety Mode, and Carryover Data

Word on the street leading up to today suggested Verizon Wireless would be shaking up its rate plans, and it turns out that that is indeed the case. The Big Red carrier has just announced new plans which not only add more data, but also add new features as well.

Verizon kept the straightforward naming scheme, though, with the S, M, L, XL, and XXL to differentiate each option. Each of the updated plans offer more data per month for customers, but they also cost a bit more than the previous plans. Here’s how they break down:

  • S: 2GB for $35 per month (was 1GB for $30 per month)
  • M: 4GB for $50 per month (was 3GB for $45 per month)
  • L: 8GB for $70 per month (was 6GB for $60 per month)
  • XL: 16GB for $90 per month (was 12GB for $80 per month)
  • XXL: 24GB for $110 per month (was 18GB for $100 per month)

Each of the plans offer unlimited talk and text. There are still access fees in place, too. Verizon is charging $20 per month for smartphones, $10 per month for tablets and mobile hotspots, and $5 per month for a connected device like a smartwatch.

There are new features being added to the plans, too, which are free with some plans but cost an extra fee for others. Here is how those look:

  • Safety Mode: Overages are over. Used all your data allotment for the month? We’ve got your back with the new Safety Mode capability. If you’re on the XL or XXL data size, you can choose to add Safety Mode for free; S-M-L size customers pay $5 per month if they choose to add Safety Mode. Switch on Safety Mode within your new My Verizon app, and once you’ve hit your data limit we’ll move your data from 4G LTE to 128 kbps speeds – and you won’t pay anything for that data you use over your plan size. The slower speeds in Safety Mode apply to all your data usage until you upgrade your plan, buy more data through Data Boost, or until the end of the month, when you start over with your new allotment of 4G LTE data.
  • Carryover Data: Keep your unused data for another month without losing the data you’ve purchased. Carryover data automatically rolls your unused data for one month into the next. And that includes any additional data you purchased that month. Data expires at the end of the next monthly bill cycle.
  • Data Boost: Get back to full, 4G LTE speed or add more data whenever you want – either way it’s your choice right there in the new My Verizon app. It costs just $15 for each GB of additional data.
  • International calling and roaming for Mexico and Canada: On Verizon Plan XL and larger sizes, get unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada and also enjoy your data plan, along with unlimited talk and text, when visiting Mexico and Canada. If you’re on the new Verizon Plan in sizes S, M or L, pay just $5 per line per month for calls from the U.S. To roam with your data and unlimited talk and text in Canada or Mexico, you’ll use Verizon’s TravelPass feature for $2 per day per line.

On top of all that, Verizon is rolling out a new My Verizon app which will show “The Feed” where users can see their account information, billing info, and data usage in a more social network-like setup. There’s in-app customer support and a new Data Hub to get a closer look on data usage per month.

All of this will become available on July 7.

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