Verizon is offering 2GB of data for life to new and upgrading XL and XXL plan users

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade your Verizon line or activate a new one and you plan on using the company’s XL or XXL plans, then now might be the time to take advantage of an offer from Verizon that will give you 2GB of free data per month for life.

From Verizon:

New and existing Verizon Wireless customers will receive 2 GB of bonus data every month for every new phone they add or upgrade on XL or XXL Verizon Plans this holiday season. Available for a limited time, the 2 GB of monthly bonus data is shareable and can be combined with other offers.

A family of four on the XL Verizon plan who have been waiting for the right time to upgrade their phones can upgrade now and receive 8 GB of bonus data each month in addition to the 12 GB XL Verizon plan allowance, for a total of 20 GB of monthly data to share.Verizon2 free GB of data for life

The promotion only lasts until January 6, so you don’t have long to decide if Verizon’s offer is right for you. For those who want to take advantage of the offer, stop in to a Verizon store today.

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