V is for Verily – Life Sciences graduates from Google X

The Life Sciences group within Google X is no longer a pie in the sky project. The group has graduated and is now named Verily, and is positioned as a full-fledged business within Alphabet (Google’s parent company). Life Sciences is mainly known for its work on smart contact lenses, which can track glucose levels and relay the findings to a smartphone. While the product isn’t yet on the market, Novartis (a Swiss pharmaceutical and health company) signed a licensing agreement with Google back in 2014.

Verily’s broader scope is to use technology to gain a clearer picture of our personal health. While Verily will be creating its own hardware and software to track the human body, it will also be working with strategic players within the same market segment to increase its speed to market. Verily isn’t working specifically on Android apps or Android-powered hardware devices, but there’s no doubt that the smartphone will play a huge role in Verily’s plans to capture and monitor the data that its devices collect.

What futuristic health monitoring device do you hope Verily thinks up next?

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