USB-IF to start certifying USB chargers for proper functionality

The USB Implementers Forum, or USB-IF, announced that it will be certifying chargers to make sure consumers are buying safe and functional chargers. With the influx of chargers that do not comply with USB specifications and even chargers that are just plain dangerous, this is a great move to further the safety of USB chargers.

We’re no strangers to the dangers of cheap USB chargers. Everyone hears about the occasional fire started by a bad charger, and even Google employee Benson Leung had his Chromebook Pixel USB port fried by a bad Type-C cable. And with the proliferation of USB Type-C, we’re seeing a lot more non-compliant USB accessories.

USB-IF is going to certify USB accessories submitted to them by manufacturers, so it’ll be an optional thing. But if you want USB chargers “that just work,” you’ll pick up a certified charger.

We don’t know if Quick Charge compatible chargers can even be certified. The Quick Charge technology goes against USB specification, and USB Power Delivery is a standardized system designed to replace it. Quick Charge is just a proprietary method designed to do the same thing as Power Delivery, so we may never see a certified Quick Charge USB Type-C charger.

What do you guys think of this? Will you strictly buy certified chargers? Let us know in the comments!

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