TYLT holding Black Friday weekend sale with accessories up to 50% off

TYLT is easily one of the most talked about charging accessory manufacturers due to their innovative designs and high quality products. However, if you’ve read any of our reviews, our most common and only real complaint is the price. There are much cheaper charging accessories out there, but they may be made with questionable quality.

Well, once again TYLT is blessing us with a great Black Friday weekend sale. They’ve been doing it since I’ve been following TYLT products, and it’s how I picked up my first pair of TYLT VU wireless chargers. It was a great decision then and the TYLT VUs are still my favorite wireless chargers. They’re so well-designed and convenient to use.

So here’s the deal: Between 11/27 and 11/30, TYLT will be offering 35% off its entire wireless charging line and 50% off all other products. This means my personal favorite VU Wireless Charger is just $39, the Energi Sliding Power Case I just reviewed and really liked is just $35, and a 1-meter FLYP-DUO — which would fit well in a stocking — is down to $15. On top of that, TYLT is also offering free shipping on all U.S. orders. All discounts will be applied automatically upon checking out, so there’s on coupon code necessary.

We have reviewed multiple different TYLT products here on Android and Me. Below are a list of reviews that we’ve done, in case you’re interested in learning about our experience with the devices before you buy:

In the past, TYLT’s Black Friday weekend sale was so popular it broke their website, but TYLT was great and still honored their deals beyond the weekend for those that weren’t able to get in during the deal. My advice is to definitely take advantage of these deals and to do it early. These deals from TYLT basically come around only once a year. I’m a huge fan of these products and you will be too.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of these products by commenting below. Also, let us know if you own any TYLT products and what you think about them or what you’re going to buy this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!

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