Two men engage in iPhone vs. Android debate, end up stabbing each other

We’ve been known to engage in an iOS vs. Android debate from time to time, but they tend to end without issue. The same can’t be said for a recent argument between two roommates in Tulsa.

Two men recently got into an argument about iPhone vs. the “new Samsung smartphone,” and the debate got so heated that they ended up breaking beer bottles and stabbing one another. According to police, alcohol played a pretty big role in the dispute, which comes as a surprise to no one. Both men are hospitalized by are expected to make full recoveries.

We know that iOS and Android fans can be passionate, but stabbing your roommate over a smartphone platform seems a little extreme. Unfortunately, the police on the scene had no answer when asked which phone was better, so it looks like this debate is going to continue raging on. Here’s to hoping that there aren’t any more stabbings in future debates.

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