Twitter launches Highlights feature for Android

Twitter wants to make sure that you don’t miss anything from your stream, even if that means showing it all to you a couple of times a day.

Today Twitter officially announced that it is bringing its Highlight feature to Android devices. Twitter creates the “highlights” of your Twitter feed by weighing multiple sources, including the accounts you follow, and general conversations that might have been popular on the social network while you weren’t able to check the stream. Trending topics in your area will also be included within your Highlight, too.

You have to opt into Highlight, which means that if you don’t want to get notified about the things you might have missed during the day, simply don’t choose to do so. For those that do, though, Highlight will send you up to two notifications every day, scrounging up all the content that you missed. Once you reach the end of your Highlight reel, you can simply swipe to get back into your main feed.

Highlights should be accessible within the Settings menu in the stock Twitter app right now, and it’s available only in English for now. Twitter says it’s launching Highlights first on Android, but it will consider other platforms.

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