Tstand lets you comfortably binge content on your tablet

While plenty of tablet cases offer a built-in solution to prop the tablet up for viewing, it still leaves it at a level that is too low to comfortably watch for long stretches of time or when lying down. Tstand looks to solve this problem with a hinged design that allows for many different viewing angles. Whether you are resting it on your chest and watching videos in bed or propping it up in the kitchen to read a recipe, you should be able to find the right angle.

The stand can hold any tablet from approximately 7 inches up to about 13 inches, so unless you are one of the folks that picked up the Samsung Galaxy View, it has your tablet covered. When not in use, the Tstand folds down to a reasonably compact size and will fit in a 13-inch laptop bag.

I haven’t gotten my hands on with the Tstand personally, but I have spoken to a few friends that have tested prototype versions and came away impressed with the quality.

Tstand just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter project in which they raised nearly $200,000, and the product is nearly ready to ship. At present, you can still buy it on their website at the Kickstarter pricing, $37 for the black model and $42 for the silver model, which is about half what they are planning to sell for after this promotional period.

If you consume or create a lot of content on a tablet, I would definitely recommend checking the Tstand out.

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