Top 5 most popular Android apps from last week: Facility 47, Snapbrite

Every week we cover new Android apps with Fresh Meat on Wednesday, followed by Android Gaming on Thursday and Top 10 App Updates on Friday. When Monday rolls around, we look back to see which apps were the most appealing to our audience. Read on for the five most popular Android apps from last week. These apps are ones that are most likely new and haven’t appeared in the top five list more than three times.

1. Facility 47

Facility 47

App info: You wake up alone and freezing in an icy cell. You try the cell door but it’s locked, it seems that you are stuck with no apparent escape. All that surrounds you is a letter and a bottle of pills, and no sign of how long you have been here or why!

2. Snap – Widget Drawer

Snap - Widget Drawer

App info: Snap is a widget drawer, similar to the notifications drawer. Give a boost to your productivity and access widgets from any app without having to go to your launcher. Keep your home screen clean.

3. HomeUX Beta

HomeUX (Beta)

App info:  HomeUX provides a simplistic yet highly functional launcher user interface with full integration of Google’s Material Design.

4. Board Defenders

Board Defenders

App info:  A modern vision, addictive, thrilling and fun fast action game, combining the pace of an arcade with the challenge of a logic puzzle – brain game, based on chess rules.

5. Snapbrite


App info: Take your photos, stories of your kids and share with your family. Very easy to use, even your grand mother or your kid. Track kids’ growth history and compare with WHO standard

Note:  To ensure that all apps receive a fair chance to make the list, we will retire any app that has made the list for three consecutive weeks.

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