To make up for the Atrix HD’s lack of KitKat, Motorola is offering $100 off a Moto X

Get ready for another round of “Good News, Bad News”! This time, the game is focused specifically on owners of the Motorola Atrix HD.

Motorola has revealed that it won’t be updating the AT&T Atrix HD to Android 4.4 KitKat, even though it said it would do so in late 2013. To make up for not breaking off a piece of that KitKat bar for Atrix HD owners, Motorola is offering them $100 off of a Moto X (2nd Gen.) Pure Edition, which would make the device $399. Atrix HD owners can also get a Motorola Whisper Bluetooth headset for $49.99.

If you’re an Atrix HD owner that wants to take advantage of this promo, you’ve got until June 30 to do so. You can get the ball rolling by visiting Motorola’s website.

It’s pretty disappointing to learn that there won’t be any KitKat update for the Atrix HD, even though that version of Android is a couple of major updates behind the most recent release. It’s nice to see Motorola offering something to these KitKat-less Atrix HD owners, and while $100 is less than some of the Moto X promos that Motorola has run in the past, there’s no special deals available right now. And hey, $100 is better than nothing.

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