To activate and deactivate the function MultiSIM Android

Dual SIM Android

Every time I try to Engadget Android mobile me is more common to find that has Dual SIM feature .In my case it is not a particularly useful function but I recognize that from time to time I used to when I spent the bonus data from my main card.

However, most of the time is an appendix that I can release without much need. So today we are going to explain how to disable the function MultiSIM an Android smartphone. The process is very simple but the requirements are very specific. Come up with it.

To disable support MultiSIM need to have done root in our terminal and have a ROM based on AOSP. If we fulfill these requirements only have to install the application Toggle MultiSIM Xenon92, a user of XDA Developers community.

We opened it and disable the option in question. That done, just have to restart the phone and voila, we support enabled a single card. We can also do it manually via console commands if you have superuser privileges.

If we want to activate the Multi SIM option, enter:


  • setprop dsds


To disable it:


  • setprop none


Given that it is increasingly common to see mobile with Dual SIM, it is worth knowing, especially when we buy smartphones of Chinese brands little known because they are usually terminals come with dual SIM slot and ROMs based on AOSP with little customization.

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