This Is The Function That You Need Right Now Whatsapp

The latest update of Viber provides clear messages effectively. Why effective? Well, for those who do not know, if you click on one or more messages Whatsapp gives you quite some time to delete the selected messages, but this only clears your device, no smartphone receptor (which only happens if the other person deletes them on your own). So the question is: What is this feature?


By the way, Viber is not the first to offer this useful feature, Skype and provides for a while. Also, if you’re using Telegram and you’re in a secret chat (imp, what you will be doing?) And decide to delete a message, the receiver application automatically deleted also this message, so you can rest easy if you repent to send a message because you were wrong contact or were a little drunk or your finger has decided to replace the “m” bed (go to bed) by a “c”. Remember, a letter can give your relationship ten years in the sea (matarile, rile, rile).

A couple of other functions we might need
Well, the main theme of the article is the possibility of deleting the message from your device will also erase the smartphone the recipient, but I think there are a couple of things that might come to miss at certain times in our lives “chatil” (“chatil” chat, a new word to suggest HKSAR).

A great feature that would be the possibility of blocking groups. How many times have you can not stand any member of a group (or more) or stop spamming and every time you go out again you get inside (because that is not invited, they put you in power)? It would be nice to block the group and get away without being able to re-invite. The mental health of more than one appreciate it.

Other than what it is not very relevant but I think it could be very useful is the ability to edit a message already sent. I refer to the last paragraph of the previous section. How do you think your partner will be taken when you say you are very sleepy answer “go to shit” when you mean “go to bed”? In many cases it is irritating to see how a person writes another message to correct a word, but the written nor well rewrites another message (poop, wine, bed) and so he writes well.

Are you missing some other function that should have Whatsapp or yes? Have you ever wished you could delete a message and your partner will also disappear? Tell us the craziest situations that have happened to you because of this lack of features!

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