The YotaPhone 2 is getting a price reduction and a new white option

The innovative YotaPhone 2 is getting some serious dollars shaved off its price as well as a new color option and software update. The dual-display device features an AMOLED display on the front and an e-Ink display on the back to give you updates without using much battery power. Now the price is being cut to £440 in the UK, down from £555. Across the rest of Europe, the price is coming down to €599, down from €699. Converted to US dollars, that puts the Yotaphone 2 at around $680.

Along with the price cut, the YotaPhone 2 is now available in white, which looks stunning and inverts the colors on the e-Ink display to allow better viewing. In addition, YotaPhone is now pushing out Lollipop to both the YotaPhone 2 and its predecessor, the YotaPhone. The update reportedly brings in major performance and stability enhancements as well as a big boost to the camera.

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