The Nexus Player is now available for $79.99 from the Google Store

In October 2014, Google officially announced the Nexus Player, the company’s set-top box running the new Android TV. Now, several months later, the device has received a price drop.

As initially discovered by Android Police, the Google Store has seen a rare price drop for one of the devices found on its digital store shelves. The Nexus Player, which launched at a price of $99.99, is now available to pick up for $79.99, a savings of $20. It’s not a huge price decrease, but for anyone that might not have wanted to spend $100 on the Nexus Player, this could sweeten the deal a bit.

It still comes with free shipping.

This is the stock bundle for the Nexus Player, it’s worth noting, which means it only comes with the remote for the box. If you want to have the controller for gaming on your TV through the Nexus Player, it’ll cost an additional $40.

Did you buy a Nexus Player?

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