The Nexus 6 inherit Motorola software functions as the “Ambient Display”

Nexus 6 Cap2 2

Today we learned the dates on which the Nexus 6 disembark in its first market , the US, where it will arrive in pre-booked on 29 October with some surprises inside.

We knew he was a cousin made ​​a larger scale in its conception new Moto X , but we did not know is that they share more things besides its design and some hardware .

Apparently, Google introduced Android 5.0 version installed on your Nexus Lollipop 6 some of the star features of the Motorola software such as the “Ambient Display” function that automatically turns the terminal screen showing pending notifications when you receive a new or take the device.

Nexus4 Ambientdisplay

The scene Android has been commissioned to give notice, after seeing the option in the settings of a Nexus 6 ROM has been ported to the Nexus 4.

It is true that Google itself has been commissioned to confirm it on Google Play, announcing the move the price to pay for the new option, which will reduce the autonomy of our Nexus 6 from about 330 hours stand-by up to 250 hours, something and 25% less battery life.

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