T-Mobile One offers unlimited data, messaging, and minutes, plus other Un-carrier perks

T-Mobile this morning announced its Un-carrier 12 details, but it did so without much fanfare this time around, even though it’s potentially one of the biggest announcements Magenta has made to date.

T-Mobile has been striving to be the “Un-carrier” for quite some time now, and with its 12th major announcement, it’s certainly revealed one of its bigger plan changes. The new plan is called T-Mobile One, and with it, you get all-you-can-eat high-speed data on top of unlimited data and messaging. T-Mobile One also includes other Un-carrier perks, including T-Mobile Tuesdays, Stock Up, Global Freedom, Mobile Without Borders, Wi-Fi Unleashed, and Carrier Freedom.

T-Mobile One offers unlimited standard definition video streaming and unlimited hotspot usage, but that hotspot usage is only at 2G speeds.

T-Mobile One’s cost breaks down like this: $70 for the first line, and then another $50 to add a second line. After that, it’s $20 per line, up to a total of eight lines. A family of four can subscribe to T-Mobile One for $160 per month.

There are add-ons to be aware of. First, if a T-Mobile One subscriber wants to stream high definition video on the LTE network, that’s an extra $25 per line per month. Customers can get unlimited LTE data for their tablet for only $20 per month if they pair it with a plan that has a phone as well, or it’s $70 per month if the tablet is by itself. Customers that want LTE mobile hotspot can get that with 5GB of high-speed usage per month for $15 per month. Adding a wearable to the T-Mobile One plan is $5 per month.

Finally, T-Mobile does have a ceiling for data access. The network says anyone that goes over 26GB of data in a monthly billing cycle could be throttled back to 2G speeds when the network is congested.

T-Mobile One will be available beginning September 6. T-Mobile says current customers can stay on their current plans if they don’t want to switch to the new T-Mobile One plan.

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