T-Mobile Never Settle Trial will let Verizon customers test drive T-Mo for two weeks

T-Mobile today kicked off a new promotion, and this one’s aimed squarely at Verizon Wireless.

The new Never Settle Trial takes Verizon’s “Never Settle” slogan and turns it against the big red carrier. With this new promo, T-Mobile is inviting Verizon customers to try T-Mobile for two weeks, free of charge. Once a Verizon customer ports their number to T-Mobile, they’ll be given a T-Mo smartphone to test for 14 days, but they can also hold on to their Verizon phone during the trial period.

If the customer decides to switch to T-Mobile for good, T-Mo will pay their Verizon ETF or outstanding device payments once the customer trades in their Verizon phone and gets a T-Mobile phone on a Simple Choice plan. If the customer does’t want to jump ship to T-Mobile for good, they simply turn their T-Mo phone in within 14 days and T-Mobile will refund any costs incurred during the test as well as any fees that Verizon may charge for restarting service, such as an activation fee.

T-Mobile’s Never Settle Trial will kick off on May 13 and run through May 31. T-Mo already offers a Test Drive program that lets anyone try out their network, but that trial only lasts for 7 days rather than the 14 that are included in the Never Settle Trial. While porting your number to T-Mo and then porting it back to Verizon might be a bit of a hassle if you end up not caring for T-Mobile’s service, this Never Settle Trial could be worth a shot if you’re a Verizon customer that’s been interested in seeing what The Un-carrier is all about.

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