T-Mobile celebrating the anniversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays with more rewards

T-Mobile Tuesdays were made to thank T-Mobile customers for sticking with the company. They offer free perks like movie tickets, pizzas, and more for those who tune in.

The anniversary of the Un-carrier move brings more rewards and prizes through the month of June. Tickets to four big movies are going to me $4 a piece, and the first movie is Wonder Woman. One of the Tuesdays will offer a free Baskin-Robbins ice cream under $4, and every week you’ll be able to get a sundae for $0.99 if you buy one at full price.

There are also big prizes you can win, like a year of free ice cream for you and three friends, a year of free gas from Shell, free movie tickets for a year, or a trip to the T-Mobile Arena for a show of your choice. This “thankathon” starts at 9 AM Pacific time on June 6 and there will be a prize every hour for 12 hours.

There is a lot more to look forward to, so hit the source link and check out all of the benefits and potential prizes you can win!

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