T-Mobile announces Samsung Galaxy On Us promotion

T-Mobile is launching a limited time promotion that will give folks who sign up for a qualifying rate plan a free phone.

It’s called the Samsung Galaxy On Us promotion, and with it, the Un-carrier will give you a Samsung Galaxy J7 or Samsung Galaxy On5 for free. The promotion is available for both new and existing subscribers. There are some caveats, though.

First, to be eligible for either one of the devices, you’ll need to sign up for a 6GB or 10GB plan. Subscribers that sign up for the 6GB plan will get a free Galaxy On5. Meanwhile, folks who sign up for the 10GB plan can choose the Galaxy On5 or the Galaxy J7. Existing customers that are already on the 6GB or 10GB plan can get a free phone, too, as long as the plans have T-Mobile’s current pricing.

Finally, you’ll need to pay tax on the full price of the phone at checkout. However, from then on, you’ll see a charge for the device over the next 24 months with a bill credit applied to cancel that charge out. If you cancel your plan or switch to a smaller data plan, you’ll need to pay off the rest of the device.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy On Us launches on Wednesday, July 13. It’ll be available in its retail stores, authorized retailers, as well as telesales to start. The Un-carrier says they’ll offer the deal on its website “soon.”

Plan on taking advantage of this promotion?

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