SwiftKey Clarity Keyboard out in beta, aimed at simplicity

I’ve been using SwiftKey for ages and have converted many to the keyboard due to its great predictive engine and many features. But the company is releasing a new keyboard in beta today, and it’s aimed at simplifying the typing experience and letting you focus on what you’re typing. No, it’s not some new and gimmicky layout.

SwiftKey Clarity Keyboard features autocorrect that checks the previous typed words and changes them to fit the sentence better. It also allows you to undo a correction just by hitting backspace, which is a really quick way to type unknown words without having to add them to the dictionary. And just like the standard SwiftKey keyboard, it learns as you go.

The Clarity Keyboard is bar of the new SwiftKey Greenhouse, which is basically a place for projects that push innovation forward. The company wants to work on new ideas and products and Greenhouse is where they will start. I’m really glad to see SwiftKey branching out; the company already made a fantastic keyboard, and I’m sure future projects will be awesome as well.

If you want to give SwiftKey Clarity Keyboard a try for yourself, head over to the SwiftKey Greenhouse!

Update: It looks like there is an issue with Clarity Keyboard on Samsung devices. It won’t load for a lot of people, including me.

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