Sprint unveils Unlimited Freedom plan starting at $60 per month

Sprint is hot on T-Mobile’s heels, as the Now Network is officially announcing its own brand new unlimited plan. This one’s called “Unlimited Freedom,” and it shares several similarities to T-Mobile’s new plan.

Unlimited Freedom will be available beginning Friday, August 19. With it, customers will get access to unlimited data, messaging, and minutes. But there are caveats. Sprint will be “streamlining” data used for video, music, and gaming, so that some content is capped. Specifically, video content will be capped at 480p while streaming over the LTE network, music will be capped at 500Kbps, and games will be capped at 2Mbps. Sprint says it will offer “unlimited LTE data for most everything else.” Sprint will also offer 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data usage for good measure.

As far as pricing goes, Sprint’s fist line with Unlimited Freedom will cost $60 per month. The second line costs $40 per month. After that, lines 3 through 10 will cost $30 per month. Sprint says a family of four can get Unlimited Freedom access for $160 per month, but notes this price does not include taxes, fees, or device payments.

Sprint’s Boost Mobile prepaid brand is also getting a shakeup called “Unlimited Unhook’d.” The plan will start at $50 per month, and Boost customers will get unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data for most things, while video and music will be optimized. Any additional lines cost $30 per month, up to five lines. The prepaid option will also offer a starter line which costs $30 per month and includes unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB of LTE.

T-Mobile and Sprint are buckling down on unlimited data, but the caveats are hard to ignore. What do you think?

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