Sprint testing new unlimited data plans for $60/month

Unlimited data is a big topic of interest these days, particularly today, since Verizon announced that it will be deactivating unlimited data customers who use more than 100GB/month. While Verizon may not be such a fan, other carriers are competing to offer the best value to customers.

Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all offer unlimited data plans, but Sprint has begun testing a new plan that undercuts its already low prices. Sprint’s latest plan is dubbed the Unlimited Freedom Plan and it offers unlimited talk, text, and data for just $60/month for one line in both Boston and Milwaukee, two of the test markets. Customers in these markets can also add a second line for $45/month and additional lines past that for $25/month.

Sprint is also testing a slightly different plan in Oklahoma and parts of Arizona that offers two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $50/month per line. Users can add additional lines for $25/month.

An interesting facet of these plans is that they take a leaf out of T-Mobile’s book by “optimizing” (downgrading streams) when users stream music or video, allowing the content to stream at a faster and smoother rate, albeit at a lower quality.

These plans are clearly aimed at providing bang for your buck, severely undercutting both T-Mobile and AT&T, and even going under Sprint’s current unlimited plan, which begin at $75/month for one line. While the optimization of streams may turn off some customers, the extreme value will likely attract even more. The question is, will those customers stick with the carrier?

We’ll keep you posted if Sprint decides to take these plans nationwide.

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