Sprint has opted out of throttling its heaviest data users

On June 17, the FCC made it known that it hit AT&T with a $100 million fine for throttling its unlimited data customers. That’s the biggest single fine against AT&T in the carrier’s history, and perhaps as a way to avoid any kind of fines of that nature, Sprint has decided to opt out of its own controversial throttling endeavors.

In May of last year, Sprint made it known that it planned on throttling heavy data users in congested areas, all in an effort to make the network better for its wireless subscribers. Now Sprint has changed course in light of the brand new net neutrality rules enacted last week by the FCC. With those rules in place, Sprint has stopped throttling its heaviest data users, even in congested areas.

Sprint told the Wall Street Journal that it believes its throttling endeavors would probably still be approved under the new rules, but instead of finding out the hard way, they’ve decided to just drop throttling altogether. More than that, though, Sprint’s right to prioritize data traffic based on a subscriber’s plan has also been kicked to the curb.

Good news to start, and a good step in the right direction for Sprint, even if it is just one carrier (for now).

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