Sprint begins offering an unlimited data plan for tablets

Sprint has announced a new plan to add to its repertoire. The latest offering is an unlimited data plan exclusively for tablets, priced at $20/month. The plan does include a few caveats, though.

To enroll in the plan, users must already have at least one active phone line on their Sprint account, and they must be enrolled in AutoPay. Additionally, the plan includes throttling on streaming speeds. Streaming video is limited to 480p+, music streams are capped at 500kbps and online gaming streams are confined to 2Mbps.

Sprint is offering a premium resolution streaming upgrade to the plan at a rather hefty price tag of an extra $20/month, bringing the full plan price to $40/month. This upgrade allows video streaming of 1080p+, HD music streaming at up to 1.5Mbps and online gaming speeds of up to 8Mbps.

In addition to unlimited data, this plan offers unlimited SMS on tablets with that functionality.

While the throttling isn’t ideal, the plan still offers decent value to customers who use tablets as a primary internet source. For more information, follow the source link to read Sprint’s official announcement.

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