Soon you’ll be able to order Domino’s pizza with a tweet and an emoji

We’re truly living in the future, and I have to admit, it’s a pretty silly future. Domino’s has announced that in just a week, you’ll be able to order pizza by tweeting its Twitter account… with a pizza emoji. It’s that simple, a single emoji in a tweet and your pizza will be made and delivered.

This isn’t some promotion, either. Domino’s says that this will be a permanent ordering option starting May 20. And since more than half of all Domino’s orders come from online sources, it actually makes some sense to start doing orders through Twitter. The plan is to attract busy techie people, since this is a 5 second order instead of the normal few minutes of building your order manually.

This move has also made Twitter pretty happy, as it drives users to use the social network more, as well as expand its functionality. It’s definitely a funny way of ordering pizza, so tell us what you think of it!

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