smrtFOB is a battery pack, speaker and more

A Canadian startup is aiming to change the way consumers charge devices. The team behind smrtFOB is creating a battery pack that moonlights as a key tracker, flash drive, Bluetooth speaker and more. The technology that empowers smrtFob’s versatility is a modular design, which allows users to build upon the existing base to satisfy their desires. While smrtFOB is still in crowdfunding, the company already has fully-working bases and three modules, including a battery booster, a flash storage bank and a Bluetooth speaker.

smrtFOB is designed to ensure that you never go without power. The company has created a companion app that utilizes intelligent reminders and calendar-based suggestions. Upon returning home with a low battery on smrtFOB, the app will send a reminder to charge the smrtFOB. When a busy day of travel or meetings is ahead, the app can also send reminders to pack extra modules, such as the battery booster or flash storage module.

Due to smrtFOB’s nature, it became an important goal for the creators to offer an easy method of charging the device. smrtFOB is solving the issue with a charging pad that uses resonance wireless charging technology. This allows smrtFOB to charge without directly touching the pad, meaning that it can stay on the same chain as your keys, while still charging, even if smrtFOB isn’t making direct contact with the charging pad. Additionally, a male USB adapter is built-in, which allows charging in USB ports when away from the wireless charging pad.

smrtFOB is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with of over 75% of its goal met. The early price for the device is $69, which is lower than the likely $100 price that the smrtFOB will carry when it launches in late spring 2017. Interested customers can also purchase packs that include different modules and the wireless charging pad. For all of the options, follow the source link below to smrtFOB’s Kickstarter.

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