Skrumble streamlines remote work for on-the-go employees

Show of hands, who has worked from a remote location before? With the today’s connected world, many employees are on-the-go and frequently work from remote locations. Whether it’s working on vacation, working in transit or simply working from home, it’s more important than ever for employers and employees to be connected, even when they’re not in the office together.

The problem? A huge array of options makes it difficult for communication to be streamlined and straightforward. Enter Skrumble.

Skrumble is a start-up that aims to bridge the gap between employers and employees for remote work options. By offering all of the necessary services, Skrumble streamlines the communication gap and makes it easier than ever for employees to work from out of the office.

What are some of the features that you’ll find?

  • Instant messaging between individuals and assigned teams
  • Public and private channels for specific projects (both internal and client-facing)
  • Live meetings with multiple attendees
  • Document sharing
  • Unique phone number assignment (with area codes of over 60+ countries available)
  • Screen-sharing and remote presentation settings
  • Cloud-based information storage
  • Universal search capabilities
  • Calendar invitations
  • Assessment and tracking of each member’s time allocation

Skrumble is targeting small and mid-sized businesses with its offerings, as these are often younger companies that are willing to experiment with remote work options. As far as pricing goes, Skrumble has four different options ranging from free to $30 per user, per month, depending on the assortment of features you choose. With that kind of range, each business can choose the option that offers the best value to fit its needs.

While Skrumble clearly faces an uphill battle against larger competitors, its strong package of streamlined services helps to set it apart. By targeting other young, growing companies, it fares an even better chance of cementing itself as an industry standard.

For more information, follow the source link to Skrumble’s website.

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