Send directions from your computer to your phone with ‘send directions’ Google search

Remember that feature that Google introduced last week that let you locate your lost Android phone just by typing “find my phone” into a search box? Well now El Goog has added another Android-specific feature to its search bar.

If you navigate to Google and type “send directions” into the search box, you’ll be able to enter a location that you’d like to navigate to and then send directions to your Android phone. When you unlock your handset, you’ll be presented with that location in Google Maps and then you can navigate to the place.


This feature worked really well for me, with my phone buzzing with the Google Maps location seconds after I clicked “Send directions to my phone” on my laptop. While there’s already a few other ways for you quickly bring up directions on your phone, this new method lets you use the large screen of your computer to find the place that you’d like to navigate to and then send the directions to your phone lightning fast. So the next time you’re at your computer and you need directions, give this a try.

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