SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card arrives on Amazon for $239.44

After one-upping its 128GB microSD card with a 200GB card earlier this year, SanDisk’s ginormous memory card is now available for purchase.

Amazon is selling the SanDisk 200GB microSD card for $239.44, which is considerably less than the $399.99 MSRP that SanDisk quoted us back in March. The card is Class 10, has a 90MB/s transfer speed, and comes with an SD adapter.

While this 200GB microSD card is quite a bit less than the original MSRP that we got in March, $239 is still quite a bit to spend on a microSD card. Of course, the price will likely go down in the next 6 to 12 months if you’re patient. It’s also worth noting that Amazon is selling SanDisk’s 128GB microSD card for $78.99, which might be a better deal for folks that want a big ol’ microSD card right now.

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