Samsung’s Gear 360 camera launches May 25 for $229

Earlier this year, Samsung not only lifted the curtain off the Galaxy S8, but also a brand new Gear 360.

Samsung didn’t go into detail about when the new Gear 360 would launch or how much it would cost at the time. Instead, it detailed the camera’s features, like 4K video recording, capabilities live streaming, smartphone support, and the ability to take still photos with a 15-megapixel camera.

Today Samsung officially announced that the new Gear 360 will go on sale this Thursday, May 25, through a variety of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, and, of course, Samsung’s own digital storefront. When it goes live, it will cost $229, more than $100 less than Samsung’s first-generation Gear 360 camera.

Samsung also announced that if a customer purchases a Galaxy S8 or a Galaxy S8+ between May 25 and June 19, they can also get the Gear 360 camera for just $49. So if you haven’t picked up a Galaxy S8 yet but have been thinking about doing so, getting a Gear 360 at a vastly discounted rate is a great incentive.

Who is picking up a Gear 360?

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