Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active leaks once again ahead of official announcement

Samsung still hasn’t announced the Galaxy S6 Active, but for folks that are eager to see more of the ruggedized version of the Galaxy S6, the rumor mill is happy to oblige.

New images of the AT&T-branded Samsung Galaxy S6 Active have made their way online. Posted by @evleaks, they show a gray-ish version of the device that’s lacking the digital camo pattern that adorned previously-leaked versions of the GS6 Active. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when AT&T and Samsung might officially introduce us to this phone.

While the Galaxy S6 Active obviously looks a bit different than the regular GS6, the unannounced phone is expected to feature a spec list that’s similar to its more-official sibling. That’s good news for folks that want a ruggedized phone without having to buy a bulky case or settle for a phone that’s lower-specced than its non-Active sibling. Now we just have to wait for AT&T and Samsung to announce the darn thing.

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