Samsung return kit for Note 7 includes multitude of boxes and even gloves

If you still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has discontinued the device and urges people to return existing devices. So if you bought it at a store, you should return it there and get another device. Five major US carriers and many retailers now offer exchanges for other devices.

But if you bought the device directly from Samsung, you’ll need to ship it back. And as you can imagine, shipping companies aren’t too happy about transporting explosive devices. Thankfully, Samsung has an elegant but likely pricey solution.

Samsung is sending people Note 7 return kits that feature an anti-static sleeve, two regular cardboard boxes, and a special cardboard box with ceramic fiber coating to contain potential fires. The company even includes rubber gloves, as some people might be sensitive to the ceramic fiber coating. Then the package has to be shipped via a ground service.

If you do get one of these return kits, don your gloves and get packing. It seems like overkill, but we don’t want any mail trucks burning down.

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