Samsung Pay gains support for gift cards from 50 different retailers

Mobile payments have begun to take off in a big way and Samsung is helping to lead the charge with Samsung Pay, its mobile payment solution that works at nearly any existing card reader, rather than only at NFC terminals. Today Samsung is announcing an even broader reach for Samsung Pay with gift card support for 50 different merchants. Samsung Pay users can purchase, store, pay with and share gift cards right from their phone.

Customers can load their gift cards into Samsung Pay to use them at any supported retailer, but they can also purchase gift cards directly within Samsung Pay thanks to a new gift card store that Samsung has built into Samsung Pay. The list of merchants on board includes some big names like Dominos, Nike, Bass Pro Shops and more, making it a feature that should be useful to people in all different walks of life. More gift cards and merchants will be added to Samsung Pay over the coming weeks and months, so if your favorite isn’t supported yet, you’ll want to keep an eye out, as it could be coming soon.

Samsung Pay is a great technology and this new feature only expands its appeal. Drop a comment down below if you get a chance to try out Samsung Pay’s new gift card support!

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