Samsung Pay delayed for next high-end smartphone launch

Samsung Pay is Samsung’s upcoming mobile payment system, an answer to Apple Pay and Android Pay, two services that are its biggest mobile competitors. However, we won’t be seeing the announced service anytime soon, as it’s been pushed back to the next high-end smartphone launch around September. This is likely the next Galaxy Note.

When the service does debut, it will do so in the US and South Korea, with plans to expand to Europe, China, South America, and Australia in the future. And with the service launching on a flagship, Samsung will have to release the service for many older devices for it to actually be used. Luckily, the service is said to be compatible with 90 percent of existing card readers, so it could possibly succeed.

With Google and Apple pushing so hard in mobile payments, it’s hard to imagine Samsung gaining a big advantage over them here in the US. But anything can happen, and we’ll just have to wait until the service launches later this year. Are you planning to give Samsung Pay a spin? Leave a comment!

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