Samsung offering four limited edition Avengers cases free with Note 4 in the US

While they are not quite as sleek looking as the Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6, the ability to quickly switch between a Hulk, Thor, Captain America or Iron Man case when the mood strikes seems pretty cool. (Apologies to Black Widow and Hawkeye fans. Apparently you need to get your own movie to warrant a case.)

To be eligible for the cases, you have to be over 18, living in the U.S. and purchase a Galaxy Note 4 between May 4th and June 1st. You have until July 1st to submit the offer claim on their website, but as supplies are limited (4,300 total), you are probably going to want to submit as soon as possible.

I doubt this is going to be the tipping point for anyone to pick up a Galaxy Note 4 this summer, but it’s a nice bonus if you were considering picking one up anyway.

Which of the Avengers cases do you think looks the best?

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