Samsung offering $100 rebate for 64GB Galaxy S6/S6 edge purchase

Samsung is offering potential customers “the ultimate upgrade.” As cameras offer more megapixels, music gets larger, and space becomes more of a scarcity, we’ve had to up the base size of our flagships from 8GB to 16GB and now to 32GB. But with the ever increasing space demands and the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge lacking microSD slots, what if you need more?

Samsung offers a 64GB version of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, usually priced at around $100 more off contract. But if you buy a 64GB model off-contract, Samsung will give you your $100 back with a mail-in rebate. The “ultimate upgrade” bumps you from 32GB to 64GB for free, which seems like a good deal to us.

Unfortunately, most people don’t buy devices off-contract. And with those that do, it’s often not mainstream flagship devices that go for crazy prices like the Galaxy S6. But if you’re up to it, you could save $100 and gain some space!

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